By Visualizing Social Capital We Can Help Build Better Societies


How Masachain Works

  • Communities that can benefit from Masachain


    As long as there are groups of people who share goals and values, Masachain can work in any community

    For-profit corporations, NPOs, and even non-organized groups such as local communities can be moved in a more positive direction by using Masachain,

  • We expect that Masachain will be particularly effective when implemented in the following such communities:

    ■Communities of people with strong feelings towards serious social issues such as poverty and starvation.
    ■Communities of people who enjoy living in the same town or city.
    ■Communities of people who possess the same ideas, and who wish to organize and plan events to solve local social issues.
    ■Companies that wish to embody a corporate philosophy that aims to contribute towards society
The Future of Capitalism with Masachain

Present day capitalist societies are troubled by numerous inequalities and can often cause institutional fatigue. By implementing Masachain within these societies, we believe that we can help move capitalism towards a new, more beneficial paradigm.

Present Day Capitalism

■Capital is only evaluated along a single axis, that of financial value
■The pursuit of profit is generally valued more highly than sustainable societies
■Individuals and companies tend to become overly compartmentalized
The Possible Future of Capitalism

■Things can be evaluated according to both financial value and social capital value
■The pursuit of profit and sustainable societies go hand-in-hand
■Mechanisms tend towards overall optimization



How Masachain Began

Until now, Chaintope has been working within local regions in Japan on projects and activities that aim to create better societies.

Local regions are often the places where social inequality can appear most noticeably and therefore it is from these regions where we must strive to solve social issues.

The birth of new projects and endeavors that help build a future for local societies is essential when attempting to create sustainable societies.

However, during our work we realized that even if talented people within these regions came up with good business plans, it would be difficult for these people to gather the necessary funding and manpower for their projects if they were considered to be too young, did not have enough capital to use as collateral, if there were concerns about profitability of a business in an underpopulated area or if it was difficult to for their proposals to gain attention.

and so the Masachain project was started to help tackle this problem

Social Capital Handled by Masachain

Generally speaking, social capital is the idea that the trust relationships and network of interpersonal relationships that people have can be treated as capital. Although social capital can be defined in multiple ways, here will we outline the social capital that will be handled by Masachain.

1. Positive and Negative Social Capital
Positive Social Capital


■ Trust between individuals
■ Social norms
□ Trusting another person
□ Careful use of public property, etc.
Only positive social capital will be used

Negative Social Capital

■ A lack of trust between individuals
■ Discrimination
■ Distrust towards society

2. Classification of Social Capital

Visualizing Social Capital Using Blockchain Technology
Using blockchain technology, the visualization of social capital has become possible
The visualization of social capital is enabled by the characteristics of the public blockchain


High Tamper Resistance
Since social capital that has been recorded cannot be tampered with, it becomes useable as evidence and can gain properties similar to capital


Data Transparency
Data recorded on the public blockchain can be accessed by anyone around the world.


Data Self-Ownership
Thanks to blockchain digital signature technology, it is possible to prove that you are the owner of your own data.
Who is working on Masachain?

The Masachain project is currently being driven mainly by the members of Japanese blockchain developer Chaintope Inc.
However, since Masachain has the potential to become a project of extreme public interest to societies around the world, we believe that in the future Masachain should be overseen by an independent body that is separate from Chaintope

In order for this expansion to become possible, we are continuing to search for participants in numerous regions within many fields.

Joint Research and Development

Moving forward, we plan to conduct joint research with multiple universities and research institutions
We are currently looking for team members to join the Masachain project!

People who can work together with us as Masachain project members People who can offer feedback as experts within various academic or technical fields People who would like to implement Masachain within communities or projects that they are involved in

Take part in Masachain!
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